Children and Teens Know Right from Wrong

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Do you believe that children know right from wrong the moment they start to lie? I do, because the moment they don’t listen to you or do something wrong knowing it is wrong but they do it anyway, that’s when they know right from wrong. Two to thirteen year olds are a prime example. But the biggest example is teenagers. Teenagers do crazy stuff that can get them in trouble just to be cool. That’s mostly why we have so many teens going to jail. “Many teens shoplift in the presence of friends out of a desire to impress others, as oftentimes the teens that engage in the riskiest behaviors are the most popular with peers.” (Lisa Medoff; When Teenagers Steal). Teens misbehave just to get attention. I don’t think teens should have to …show more content…
The desire to fit in with peers can be a very strong influence on teens. There are two different types of peer pressure. Negative peer pressure is when teens feel pressured to do something they know is wrong. Positive peer pressure is when your friends push you to do something that is good and helpful to others. “Negative peer pressure can lead to, smoking, drinking, doing drugs, or stealing, or doing something you don't want to do such as cutting class or having sex.” (Unknown; Positive and Negative Peer Pressure). Teens may be tempted to give in to negative peer pressure because they want to be liked or fit in. They may also do it because they are afraid of being made fun of, or they want to try something other teens are doing.
Positive peer pressure is everybody’s favorite. It shows how friends can help each other do great things. Good friends are a great example. “They can encourage teens to do well in school, get involved in positive activities, volunteer, eat healthy foods, and avoid drugs, alcohol, and other risky activities.” (Unknown; Peer Pressure). Good Friends or best friends can also help teens learn good social skills and better ways to communicate and work out problems, and give teens good advice. I think peer pressure plays an important role in a young teen’s life. Sometimes it basically controls their life. It can also help with lying or doing
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