Children and Their Basic Needs

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The journal article titled, Children and Their Basic Needs, reveals some of the difficulties facing children raised in impoverishment and particularly long-term poverty. Authors, Debra Prince, and Esther Howard reflect on the personalities of impoverished children, while presenting—to the reader—a look at how these children’s behaviors identify with psychologist Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and the obstructions preventing these children from obtaining those basic needs. This article will demonstrate how Maslow’s theory serves as the axis for each layer of the developmental process while “[highlighting] the obstacles presented by poverty in the attainment of basic needs” (28). In this paper I will recapitulate each of Maslow’s five…show more content…
This is especially detrimental to a child growing up in poverty. According to the authors, “If children do not expect to succeed, they seldom put forth the effort required for success” (30).
At the peak of the pyramid lies self-actualization. This level of need “involves the continuous desire to fulfill potentials”. But this is not an easy need to obtain until; first, all lower level needs have been met. According to Maslow, at one point, only about 2 percent have obtained this level of self-actualization. Being that this level is so hard to reach, it is especially difficult for impoverished children. According to Prince and Howard, children today are faced with a great deal of conflicting messages. These messages confusing messages make it difficult to realize self-actualization. If they can’t obtain a viable means of attain their goals, they will tend to see this need as unreachable.
Certain life-sustaining needs such as food, water, clothing, and shelter are seen by social service organizations (at least in America that is) as requirements for life. However, there are other basic needs that should be valued as equally important to the well-being of man kind. Some of these basic needs have already been mentioned in the article, Children and Their Basic Needs, and others can be found in my recapitulation of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. An example of such needs might be to available and adequate
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