Children and the Internet

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Did you know that more than 76 percent of kids use the internet more than three to four times a week? Despite the fact that some internet site can display wrongful or misleading information, the internet can be a useful tool for educational purposes. In this paper, readers will discover reasons for how the internet can be helpful for children. Have you ever wonder what a child does on the internet? Although some websites like: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Kik are good social sites were a child can socialize with other people they may or may not know. The internet enables children to talk to people anywhere in the world. (Mitra, 2013) Sometimes it might have a negative side because it could stop a child from interacting with friends …show more content…
Not only that, children are not allowed to be left alone at certain times because there are internet predators lurking around trying to get information from a child while they’re online. Like I said before, the internet can display wrongful or misleading information. The internet is full of various websites that an infant shouldn’t know. Have you ever thought about what your child may learn from those sites he or she been reading or been looking at? Not all websites are age restricted you know? With that said, just think about all information a child can contain without the proper supervision. It could mean a lot about how your child learning may be affected by the wrongful information that child shouldn’t learned at all. Not only that, it could also destroy that child future if the parent was a little more protective about their child with the internet. There is a perception that the internet is "full of rubbish" and that children will learn incorrect things from it. (Mitra, 2013) As I have said before, the internet can be a useful tool for educational purposes for children. Basically, the internet is very much proven to be a useful tool for children to learn anyway. Furthermore, learning how to work a computer such as moving a mouse or opening up a program can help a children learn it in many ways as possible. With the technology today, it’s no limited to a child learning ability due to their willing to learning everything at a young age. Did you know when
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