Children at Risk of Suicide

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1. Describe the characteristics of children who are at risk for suicide. Include the statistics related to children and suicide and gender differences. (214) Young children who are at risk of committing suicide may have suffered a loss of a loved one, or are suffering family stress like the parent being unemployed or there being abused by a parent or family friend, and their probably suffering from depression. These children are the ones that show behavioral patterns such as: running away from home, accident-proneness, aggressive acting out, temper tantrums, self criticism by others, low tolerance of frustration, sleep problems, dark fantasies, day dreams, hallucination, marked personality changes, and overwhelming interest in death and…show more content…
287, 288). References Comer, R. J. (2013) Abnormal Psychology, 8th Ed. New York, NY: Worth Publishers. 3. Discuss three factors that make adolescents particularly at risk for suicide. Also, discuss teen suicide attempts versus teen completed suicides. (372) In adolescent’s fatal illness are so uncommon that suicide is the third leading cause of death. About half of teenage suicides have been tied to clinical depression, low self-esteem, and feelings of hopelessness. Teenagers who have tried to kill themselves seem to also struggle with anger and impulsiveness and have deficiencies with their ability to sort out and solve problems; they may also have alcohol or drug problems (Comer, 2013, pp. 303). With this in mind some of the factors that make adolescent predominantly at risk for suicide are: societal factors, weakening family ties, easy access and pressure to use drugs and alcohol, and not to mention the detailed descriptions of suicide that the media has shown(Comer, 2013, pp. 304). Adolescent is a time of growth and self discovery so, it’s no wonder teenagers who attempt or consider suicide are under a great deal of stress. Teenagers seem to react more sensitively, angrily, dramatically, or impulsively which may be why suicidal acts in times of stress seem to be increasing. I’m not saying all teenagers have tried to commit suicide, but the ones that have either accomplished the deed or attempt to. The ones that attempt to seem to have higher
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