Children in Conflict to the Law

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I. Background of the Study

Nowadays, the problems of children in conflict with the law are difficult to prevent. Children in conflict with the law are the children below 18 years old. The government is doing their best to solve these problems that is why there are many institutions, rehabilitation center, drop-in centers that helps these children who are in conflict with the law. Under R.A. 9344 a child who is 15 years of age at the time of the commission of offense are exempted from criminal liability, however the child shall be subjected to an intervention program provided by local social welfare development office who will determine appropriate programs and consultation with the client and to person having
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The center, in addition is compelled to accommodate the children in conflict with the law (CICL) since the peace and enforcers both from the government and private sector , endorse their apprehended children in conflict with the law to Makati Social Welfare and Development or to the center for proper case management and disposition in order to guide MSWD staff and referring agencies /institutions for proper turn over or referral of clients to the drop-in center , these guidelines has been formulated. (Program/Section Profile of Mapagkalinga Drop-in Center ,Manual of Operation of Drop-in Center , 2007 )

Statement of the Problem

This study aimed to determine the main factors that contribute to the rise of Children in Conflict with the law in the City of Makati.

Specific Problems:

Below are the specific questions that guided the researcher in this study:

1. What are the personal profiles of the children in conflict with the law (CICL) in Makati in terms of:

a. Sex

b. Educational Attainment

c. Educational Status

d. Offense Committed

e. Age When offense is committed

2. What are the major factors that mostly affect the child to commit crime?

3. What are programs or mechanisms designed to help prevent the rise of children in conflict with the law?

Significance of the Study

This research sought to determine the major factors that give rise to children in conflict with the law and to
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