Children in Poverty: Issues from the Book Thief

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Children in Poverty Markus Zusak, author of The Book Thief, does a wonderful job portraying the life of Liesel Meminger, a poor German girl suffering the effects of poverty, yet trying to make the best of life where it seems most unlikely. He expresses her hardships in such a realistic way that makes the reader feel sympathy for his characters--all of which are struck with poverty. Child poverty has been around for years and is still caused by problems in family structure, educational issues, and even economical problems. It is obvious that there are government programs and charities that are designed to help the poor but a person who needs financial aid or support should go find help instead of waiting for help to come to them. Due to…show more content…
Lastly, poor children live in bad environments which will most definitely affect their health and well-being. It is needless to say that one can find many poor children in a third world country. In third world countries, not only is there a lack of access to food, there are also a lack of clean water, clothes, and shelters. Some children are even forced to sleep on the streets because they are so poor. Moreover, these children are used as labor in poorer countries and are forced to endure long, strenuous hours in dangerous conditions (Hansen). These conditions are certainly not suitable for children and will traumatize them as they grow older. Children living in harsh environments, especially third world countries, experience such atrocious lives that it is nearly impossible not to feel sympathy for them. In general, children who are in poverty suffer from formidable risks that have the potential to ruin their health. There is no doubt that another adverse effect brought on by children due to poverty is the academic complications. Granted that poor families rarely have enough to sustain a normal life, poor children generally do not move on to college or in some cases do not finish high school. Students who do not go to college will have a hard time finding a job, let alone a job that can support families of their own, and will probably end up in poverty. Likewise, poor children are

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