Children in the Janissary Corps of the Ottoman Empire Essay

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When you think of the military, the thought of children does not usually come to mind. But the Ottoman Empire had a military unit made entirely of young Christian boys. There are two types of elite forces that serve the Sultan: cavalry (The Cavalry of the servants of the Porete) and infantry (Janissary corps). The Janissary corps is also known as the yeniceri ocak, or “new soldiers corps.” and were the slaves of the sultan. They were trained and educated to be the most formidable force in Europe and had tremendous political power. The Janissary corps is organized into ortas (units) with four sub-groups: the camaat (the frontier troops with 101 ortas), beuluks (the bodyguards of the sultan with 61 ortas), sekban (mercenary peasants…show more content…
The Janissary corps was a strict system that forbid the janissaries from growing a beard, having another career like trade, drinking or gambling, and marrying before retirement. This was so they’d be focused entirely on the sultan. Punisment in result from rule-breaking varied from kitchen duty, or the most common type of punisment where a soldier would be beated on his feet by a falaka, a supple wand. Desertion in time of war resulted in execution. Even though the system was strict, the Janissaries were paid a salary, were the first to wear uniforms, marched to a mether band, and lived in barracks. Ottoman Turks only recruited Christians because of the Islamic law: sharia, which banned Muslim boys under 15 to join war. Sharia is Islamic law based on the Qur'an and the Sunnah that judges ethical actions of a group or individual. They also couldn't take children from a family with one child. After the boys are captured from the Balkan Peninsula, they'd be sent to live with a selected Turkish family to learn Turkish, Islam, and their culture and customs. Then, they were sent to Enderun School and trained in different areas depending on their talent. Although the Janissary corps was strict, it was to be considered as a family with the Sultan as the father. The Janissaries had a code like Bushido from the samurai warriors. They were loyal and respectful and were to live a simple life with strict rules like the samurai warriors. They wore hats called

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