Children in the Third World Essay

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Children in the Third World

We live in an imperfect world where poverty is a reality. Forty thousand children die per year of starvation. Over 1 billion cities face unemployment and poverty day to day. Three-fourth's of the world's largest poverty population live in the Third World Countries, which includes underdeveloped countries, mainly Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Originally the term "Third World" meant all those not supporting communism and the Western countries. Now, it is a term used to describe the poor countries of the world. These countries face hunger, diseases, illiteracy, and poor health care on a day to day basis. They have high population increases, the death rates have lowered over the years, but the birth rates are
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Unequal distribution of goods can account for most of the third world's poverty. The conditions are worsening, and will continue to do so until something is done.

Just in the last 40 years, the world's population has gone from 2 billion to nearly 5 billion. According to the UNICEI, three fourths of that number are ranked as having high under 5 mortality rates. These are labeled as the "developing countries," which takes up two thirds of the world's population, which in turn, two thirds of that population are children. Each year 14.5 million infants die, and 1 million are above age 1. In Africa, 4.3 million children die yearly, and that only accounts for 30% of all infant deaths. It is predicted that that will be raised by 15% by the end of the century.

Many fail to look at the social welfare issues with more depth. They do not see the actual effects of the symptoms on the entire group. This may result in poor action in developing a help plan. The effect of world conditions on the children has worsened over the years. For the weakest countries, the consequences are the greatest, just as for the children, the weakest suffer the most. The financial resources provided for children in poor homes is the number one way that children suffer. Because of the set backs of the third world countries, government services for children have been cut in half. What are these children to do? They cannot help

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