Children 's Development And Effective Parenting

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This essay is going to be formed by three short discussion papers addressing different areas of diversity including, poverty, family form, and children with disabilities. Throughout these discussion papers our roles as educators when working with children and their families within each of these areas of diversity are addressed. These papers unpack inclusive practices for working with young children and their families with differing abilities from a range of socio-economic backgrounds.

In Aotearoa New Zealand we live in a society where some children and families live in poverty, the most common indicator of poverty is level of income (Clark, 2013). Poverty can affect children in many aspects of their lives for example, low birth weight, bad housing, poor nutrition, and a higher chance of an unstable family situation (Clark, 2013). Families, who struggle to find essentials such as food and shelter, struggle to find money for education, although they have aspirations for their child, day-to-day survival is the immediate priority (Clark, 2013). Children’s development and effective parenting is profoundly threatened in regards to families falling into poverty (Berk, 2013). Causing stresses which weaken the family system for example, the car may break down therefore parents may not have transport to take their child to doctors or day-care. When crises like this occur families may become irritable, depressed, and distracted resulting in children’s development suffering…
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