Children 's Early Learning Center

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For my observation I was able to visit a local pre-school. The Children’s Early Learning Center. The preschool is located just a few miles from my home at 3135 S. Florida Ave. Lakeland, FL. This is a private school that has just started a summer program for students getting ready to attend kindergarten. The classroom consisted of 18 children 4-5 years old. They will all be 5 on or before September 1st 2016. There were also two adults in the room the teacher as well as the assistant teacher. The school has infants to 5 year olds with one infant room with 8 infants, two 1 year old rooms with 8 children, two 2 year old rooms with 8 children, 3 year olds two rooms one with 7 children and one with 10, and the two VPK rooms of 18 children in each room. The school has 30 staff members it seemed consisted 1 teacher and two assistants in each room as well as assistants that floated from room to room, as well as a nutritional staff, the director, and assistant director.
The Philosophy of this program is to encourage, enrich social skills, self-esteem, respectfulness, and creativity. Families are encourage to attend the classroom and see what the children are learning. The school also invites families to special events created through the year. The curriculum is strongly focused on life skills, reading, and mathematics.
When I arrived at the school work the children’s pictures and artwork were displayed all throughout the hallways, outside the door of the classroom was a bulletin…
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