Children 's Education From Preschool Up Through Twelfth Grade

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According to TeacherVision, “Most teachers have discovered that parents can be very powerful allies in any child 's education—from preschool up through twelfth grade. Keeping parents informed and inviting them to become part of the educational process can significantly influence any youngster 's scholastic success.” (TeacherVision, n/a). When it comes to welcoming parents into my classroom what I would like to do is have an Open House. This is a great technique for welcoming and partnering with families before school starts. Having a open house will allow parents and the teachers to get to know each other on a personal level. According to TeacherVision, “It 's also a wonderful opportunity for you to actively recruit parents as partners in the education of their children.” (Teachervision, n/a). At the open house I would provide food and popcorn for a snack. During the open house I will encourage the parents to join the PTO which is a great way to establish and build a positive parent teacher relationship. I will also show them a PowerPoint presentation. In the presentation I will include things such as who I am, important phone numbers, e-mails, school’s web site, classroom procedures, expectations, rules, and what will be taught during the school year. When it comes to the classroom environment I will make sure to meet the individual needs of the children in my classroom. I will make sure that the classroom is welcoming to the children as well as parents. I will
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