Children 's Effect On Children

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When children are waking up in the middle of the night, it can be detrimental on parents. According to Roberts et al, in western societies, infants who cry persistently or wake at night are common concerns for parents and can lead a parent to smother, hit, or shake an infant, sometimes resulting in infant brain damage or death. Children wake up for many different reasons. For example: hunger (breast-feeding), colic, diaper change, physical illness, sleep temper tantrums or parent’s attention. “At least 20% to 30% of all children 1 to 4 years of age have frequent night awakenings, bedtime struggles, or both” (Rickert & Johnson, 1988). Parents are distressed and there tolerance level is decreasing. Sleep problems are the most common complaint from parents and can become overwhelmed with their child’s crying (citation). Children waking up have a huge influence and effects on parent reactions to crying. Self-esteem issues can cause parents to feel hopeless; parents can have self-esteem issues because they can feel like a horrible parent and not worthy enough to solving their child’s crying. It’s important to understand why children wake up and how parents will respond. There are many different findings focusing on parents responses to mid-night awakenings, there are three types of response; systematic, ignoring, and scheduled awakenings. Systematic awakenings involve children waking up on their own and scheduled awakening involves parent waking the children up at certain…
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