Children 's Exposure Of Violence

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Children’s exposure to violence typically refers to children who witness or are victimized by violence. This would include physical assault, peer victimization, sexual victimization, child abuse and maltreatment. It is a challenge for children who become victims of domestic violence in their own homes. They witness or even experience the violence coming from their own family members. Once the children goes through the ruthless experience, some of them carry it along with them as they grow up. These children have a negative advantage to grow up with behavior disorders. Children from violent homes continue to suffer the consequences as adults, where they are more likely to commit suicide, abuse drugs or alcohol, be unemployed, or commit violence against their own partners (Ohio Domestic Violence). Then those type of behaviors continue on the cycle of the domestic violence. It is also difficult for children to know how to behave because of the behavior the parents show that has no relation to violence. Depending on the behavior of the parent, the child can piggyback on the behavior and results into a relation to violence whether the behavior had to do with violence or not. Parenthood is said to be the most important and demanding task in adult life. It can be especially challenging when the child has a difficult temperament, for example, gathering of instinctive characteristics which provide parents and other caretakers with problems of management (Hart, Louise (l987). It is
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