Children 's Hospital Central Californi Agency Presentation

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Children’s Hospital Central California: Agency Presentation The Children’s Hospital of Central California (CHCC) is one of the nation’s largest pediatric hospitals; CCHC not only provides great quality healthcare for pediatrics but also caters and cares for children from pre-birth all the way until their young adulthood stage of life. CHCC is a nonprofit healthcare network that specializes in medical and surgical services to help care for common to rare health conditions. Children’s Hospital provides healthcare services in over forty different types medical services. Services can include from Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Emergency Room (ER) to Cardiology. The department that will be observed and discussed is the social services department (social work).
Mission, Vision, Goals and Objectives The social services department’s mission statement states that through caring and compassion, they are to guide the patients and families through the entire health care process. The social service department’s objective is to make sure that not only the patient but their family feels safe, secure and supported through their health care experience at CHCC. The social service department has five very specific goals that are given to the social workers throughout the entire hospital. These five goals consists of
1. To ensure that the patient and family have access to care.
2. To remove barriers hat interfere with the patient and family receiving care and to resolve the psychological…
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