Children 's Hospital Central Californi Agency Presentation

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Children’s Hospital Central California: Agency Presentation The Children’s Hospital of Central California (CHCC) is one of the nation’s largest pediatric hospitals; CCHC not only provides great quality healthcare for pediatrics but also caters and cares for children from pre-birth all the way until their young adulthood stage of life. CHCC is a nonprofit healthcare network that specializes in medical and surgical services to help care for common to rare health conditions. Children’s Hospital provides healthcare services in over forty different types medical services. Services can include from Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Emergency Room (ER) to Cardiology. The department that will be observed and discussed is the social services department…show more content…
The services that are provided to the patient, its family and other significant individuals connected to the patient are strictly provided with a goal of meeting the complete needs of a patient. Procedures within the social services include: assessments, crisis intervention, support counseling, family counseling, bereavement and grief counseling and community referrals and core clinical services that are provided by the social workers. These services that are provided are available for patients and their families twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. One of Children’s Hospital’s most important procedures is documentation. Documentation is critical especially for those who are working in social services (social workers). When documenting, social workers are mandated to record any and every contact that they have with their patient and the family. Documenting can vary from documenting psychosocial assessments, counseling sessions, check-ups to California Children Service (CCS) visits. Documentation is crucial for social workers as they are given a certain time frame for when they must input their documentation for their patient. One of the policy/procedures that I believe can be changed to provide a better service to the clients is providing excellent accommodations. Social workers are
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