Children 's Impact On Social Development

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Children can have an impact on their social development in their language or communication because if the child has low self-esteem and hearing impairment this will lead to not being able to socialise with other children as their language is not developed. But also, form relationships because they are not able to listen to instructions which leads to misunderstanding to communication and language. This means that the child will find it difficult to manage their emotions due to not being able to speak which leads to frustration. However, communication and language is important because it supports social and emotional development. In reference to Early years foundation stage 2014, pg.19 (‘Provide opportunities for children to talk with other children and adults about what they see, hear, think and feel’) This means that communication and language is important because the child can respond to different things and show their understanding of new words which they can use to communicate with other children. The impact on emotional development on the child is not being able to express their thoughts or feelings during play activities for example the child finds it difficult to join in reading stories or rhymes because the child does not understand and needs help such as giving a choice with words to go with such as “do you want to listen to a story or sing rhymes?”. If the child is not being able to express their feeling they could feel isolated because no one could understand…
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