Children 's Influence On Children

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The time period from infancy to adolescence is vital for instilling values and beliefs within a child. In this time period children learn a vast amount of information, and what they learn shapes who they become as an adult. Also, children’s cultural routines are constructed which is when children use language to manipulate adult models to address their specific concerns, and take information from adults to create routines. Consequently through these cultural routines children use the patterns of behavior that they see from the people around them, especially their family, to decide how to interact with others. As a result, not only does every interaction affect the development of the self, but major life events that occur within a childhood can greatly influence what a child thinks and believes to be true.
Moreover, how I was raised impacted how I developed into an adult. As a child I grew up with a single mother who worked all day. Not only was she the sole provider for the family, but she had mental illnesses that made it difficult at home. My mother was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and Depression. On my first day of seventh grade, I came home to find that my mom had been hospitalized because she tried to commit suicide. Throughout that year she was hospitalized three more times for reoccurring suicide attempts. Each time I was not allowed to visit her, and it was incredibly difficult to understand what was happening. Also, my mother’s Borderline…
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