Children 's Influence On Children

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When the Depression struck rural families and they were unable to bring in enough income to support their families, children often stayed home from school. Noted, “In 1939, a United Church worker in central Manitoba discovered that many farm families were without underwear or shoes for their children, who as a result couldn’t attend school” (Berton, 1990, p. 11). The luxuries that children once experienced, were stripped away from them right before their eyes. As a result of the lack of income earned by rural families, children endured a great deal of suffering. In the winter months especially, these children who were without shoes in ill-housed families were unable to keep warm. Therefore, as nature continued to devastate families, children who were able to attend school, suffered undue hardship. As Freedman (2005) noted, many poor kids went to school hungry” (p. 35), due to bare breakfast, lunch, and dinner tables. Thus, these children were continuously mistaken by teachers as being ill. As a result, the teachers began advising students to return home to consume food which would make them healthy once more; however they were unable to do so. When student’s admitted they were unable to go home and fill their rumbling stomachs since their tables were not filled with an abundance of food, a vicious cycle of ridicule and taunting began by students who were not a part of the poverty stricken rural families. Facing hunger and ridicule every day by their peers caused increased

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