Children 's Influence On Children Essay

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Children love to play! It is a common thought that play and children natural go together. Children create noise when they play, from the time they are two, or sometimes before, there is a certain atmosphere when children are near. Have you ever heard the statement, “everything I need to know, I learned in kindergarten”? It was originally from an American minister, who wrote a book sharing his thought. My question is, don’t you think children learned a vast amount of “things” before they reach kindergarten? Through our course we have learn indeed they do. Children begin learning from the time they are just four weeks old, or possibly before. At just four weeks and beyond children are working to form connections to the world around them, they work on learning to self soothe, as well as how to respond to different stimuli. Most of this key learning is with the aid of the mother, or other caregivers within the children’s life. You play peekaboo with your baby, and every time you cover your face the baby wonders where you have gone, to then act surprised when you uncover and say “boo”. When the child is upset, they quickly learn to pick up on the calmness of the adult holding them to settle down and return to a calm state. The smooth voice of mom, and the gentle bouncing or back rub. These are all early teaching that even though something is upsetting you right now, I am here to protect you, and it will all be ok again. I truly feel this is the earliest building blocks of

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