Children 's Influence On Gender Roles

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According to Bandura and Mischel, “children learn gender roles in much the same way they learn other social behaviors: By watching the world around them and learning the outcomes of different actions. Thus, parents and others shape appropriate gender roles in children, and children learn what their culture considers appropriate behavior for males and females by simply watching how adults and peers act. Growing up, I was influenced by the “girly girl” gender stereotypes. My mother and sister are both very “girly girl”. They both wear dresses all the time and love to shop. I have never wanted to wear a dress for as long as I can remember, but I was made to feel like I had to be the typical “girly girl” to fit in. It was understood during my childhood, that girls need to be pretty so that they can get a man to take care of them. I remember my parents stressing the importance of college to my brother because he had to be a provider. Meanwhile, college was not as important to my sister and me, we just needed to be pretty and attract the providing husband. Although this stereotypical “girly girl” was who I was taught to be, I grew up to be something much different. I am married to a loving husband that can and does provide for our family but, I am also a very independent, strong-willed woman, who also provides for her family. I try very hard to avoid typical gender stereotypes with my children and instead try to teach them to love themselves and do what makes them happy. I have
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