Children 's Knowledge Of Racial Equality

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Throughout this course I was able to learn why children’s literature is essential for the development of children’s learning and furthering their education. For my research paper I am going to focus on culture diversity, gender roles, trauma, and images. The first category I would like to focus on is the importance of children’s knowledge of racial equality.
In the text, David l Russell emphasizes the important of racial equality by providing the story “ The Watsons Go to Birmingham”. This story takes place in the middle of the civil rights movement. During this time segregation is still a major part of everyday life. At this time African Americans where fighting for their right, because they deserved the same capabilities as any other race. White people where not excited about this change and they reacted in violent ways to express how they felt. An example the book gives of this is when the white people reacted with violence towards the African American girls at Sunday school. These events where extremely traumatic and shocking to the Watson family because they never had those difficulties when they where not living in the south. Being African American is tremendously important to the story because the Watsons would have been treated different if they where a different race. This demonstrates how severe the racism was in the south during the civil rights movement. This is not the only difficult situation Kenny and the rest of the Watson family face. Due to Kenny’s
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