Children 's Lack Of Nature

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In the article, the author focuses more on the language of nature, the disadvantages the children’s lack when they are not exposed to nature. It would lead the society gradually losing its sense of place in the environment. Although the article did not focus more about children and nature, there is a strong tie between children and nature in the article. In the article, the author emphasized that so many languages in the school setting are not taught anymore among the children. This is because the beautiful wildlife, nature of language and culture is gradually losing its value in the 21st modern technology and industrial world. In addition, he talked about how the urban areas have lost sight of the wild interaction pattern of nature. He noted the people in the urban areas no longer have space to cook and trees behind the children’s school are cut down. The children in the urban areas, mostly stay indoors and play video games, watch movies and surfing the internet. Although spending time on the internet and the television is useful in some ways. It can also be harmful to the children if they sat down on one spot for hours on the internet and television. This leads children less active with their studies and environment. Once the children are not exposed to nature, it can also lead to physical, mental and social problems, such as obesity, eye problems and laziness. Due to the fact that the children do not have time to interact with each other, play outside in the woods and
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