Children 's Life With Pets

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Pets, these animals that share their lives with us do much more than one normally thinks of. They wait for us watching in the window, give one licks of joy, and give us unconditional love are some of the common joys of having a family pet. In a short time they become member of the family. These are many reasons one loves to share their space with a creator not of the same species as humans. However, there are some other added benefits to having these members of the family. Sharing one’s life with pets help us to maintain a healthier physical, mental, and emotional aspect in life.
The first added benefit of having pet as part of the family is that pets help us to live and maintain a healthy life style. One knows that these companions need exercise to stay in good health and since they can’t walk themselves, they motivate their human companions to take them for a walk. This is one of the obvious ways that pets help one to live healthier lives. However, there are many other ways that pets improves one’s life. In research posted on the it states that, “Exposure to 2 or more dogs or cats in the first year of life may reduce subsequent risk of allergic sensitization to multiple allergens during childhood.” By being exposed to these family pets at an early age can help to reduce future allergy problems. These are good reason why to include a pet into the family. One might think that by introducing animals into the household that it will introduce diseases and have
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