Children 's Literature Through The Curriculum

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Incorporating Children’s Literature Through the Curriculum
Literature is extremely important to a child’s learning and development. It allows children to explore different views and experiences. It also sparks questions and in turn leads to new knowledge. “Educators who believe in reading literature in the classroom and who attempt to integrate listening, speaking, reading, and writing across the curriculum describe themselves as whole language teachers” (Kolstad 1). These teachers take the benefits of literature and use them throughout all aspects of the curriculum. They believe a literature-based curriculum will benefit and facilitate the teaching to students. Other teachers do not see the importance of using children’s books throughout
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When a book is used for mathematical learning it puts the idea into a natural, familiar, and meaningful context. For example, a book about sharing evenly can put the concept of division into something children can understand and grasp.
Literature also encourages investigation. Kolstad states, “If children are encouraged to question these calculations, their investigations will require hypothesizing, estimating, measuring, and computing” (Kolstad 2). Thus leading students to come up with their own new problems and ease the computing of future problems. Children begin to not only do the math as they are told, but to think why and how it works. Overall using children’s literature in a mathematics curriculum can enhance the learning of mathematical concepts through giving children the opportunity to talk about mathematics.
Children’s literature does an exceptional job of encouraging and motivating students’ writing. One method is showing picture books to students. It allows students to visualize how authors use written language to write appealing and entertaining stories. Activities like drawing an illustration after a book reading and writing out all the details of the illustration will help the student engage in writing without realizing it. Before the children know it writing
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