Children 's Perception Of Drug Use

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Summary of Needs Children who come from risk living situations are at a greater risk of engaging in drug use which can affect the brains development. An article by Hedl (2007) suggest that inhalant use had gone up because children do not recognize or perceive the harmful effects of the use of these inhalants. This is very crucial because this is a time when children’s brains are continuously growing and being shaped for the future of who they will become. Helping these types of children overcome their adversity, increase their coping skills, and stay away from drugs is very important to the brain development and cognitive abilities (2007). Explanation of Technique These techniques should be applied to this particular population because it has been proven to work in changing the children’s perception of drug use. Through the use of cognitive-behavioral techniques children learn how to develop their own coping mechanisms outside of drug use. This Curriculum-Based Support Group Program provides youths with the opportunity to feel empowered even though they face adversity in their day-to-day lives. The program is curriculum based, but the youths come to their own conclusions about drug use with guidance from the facilitators. Article Summary This intervention summary describes the effectiveness of a Curriculum-Based Support Group. It discusses the population being served, the theory behind the techniques, and the findings of the research. It also explains appropriate
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