Children 's Range Of Vocabulary Development

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Respond to prompts 4a–c below by referring to children’s range of vocabulary development related to the learning segment—What do they know, what are they struggling with, and/or what is new to them? a. Identify the key vocabulary (i.e., developmentally appropriate sounds, words, phrases, sentences, and paragraphs) essential for children to use during the learning segment. [Students already know key math vocabulary terms such as true math statements, say-ten way, and place values. These terms are crucial for students to continue in expanding their academic vocabulary terms for this math topic. During the learning segments for this topic, students will learn and apply different key vocabulary terms. These terms include words such as…show more content…
Students will also verbally share with the class the different comparison problems they created which will allow students to use the vocabulary terms. The last learning experience, 4, will allow students to continue to build from experience 3 in practicing the vocabulary terms and math symbols. Students will say true math statements as well as create their own. There are several ways students will implement their vocabulary terms in meaningful ways.] 5. Monitoring Children’s Learning In response to the prompts below, refer to the assessments you will submit as part of the materials for Planning Task 1. a. Describe how your planned formal and informal assessments provide direct evidence to monitor children’s multimodal learning throughout the learning segment. [The formal and informal assessments in the learning segments provided direct evident throughout the learning segments as I was able to incorporate relevant and meaningful assessments with my students. In the first lesson, students will be assessed through an observation during the anticipatory activity. I will use a Smart Presentation in this lesson and have the students determine which items have the greatest/least quantity. I will collect the data using my clipboard. In learning experience 2, students will, again, be observed. I will use a checklist ensuring students are able to read quantities from left to right as well as being able to recognize the three key vocabulary terms for this unit –
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