Children 's Responsibilities For Children

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Every adult who has children knows it is a challenging experience and extremely rewarding, especially when the children grow to be responsible, independent, caring, productive adults and parents in their own right. After helping raise my own children, being a professional martial arts instructor since 1979, teaching thousands of children and helping other parents raise their children (so they tell me), here are 10 keys I feel are important to raising children successfully. 1. Leadership Kids need a leader, someone who is strong, responsible, caring and committed to their highest and best good. What children do not need is to be the parent to their parents. Children do not need to be buddies, pals or best friends with their parents until they, the children, are adults. Children are children. They need leaders to lead, guide and direct them through their early life. Those leaders are the parents who need to take a front row in raising their kids. For children to be successful in life, they need a strong parental foundation, one that puts them before their parent 's careers, activities, relationships and jobs. Children should never be thought of as appendages to a parent 's life. Until the children are of legal age, the children are the parent 's life. When this commitment is given to children, it is a boon to their early development and later success as responsible and independent adults. 2. Structure Children need structure. They need foundational guidelines. They need to
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