Children 's Rights Of Children

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In the 19th century France had the first idea of giving children special protection in areas such as, medical, social, and judicial fields. It wasn’t until the beginning of the 20th century that these protections were actually put into place and eventually spread across Europe. On September 16, 1924 The League of Nations adopted the Deceleration of the Rights of the Child which was the first international treaty concerning children’s rights (Humanium 1-3). Up until this time children were viewed as “small adults” and were treated as such. Children were receiving little to no education and would at a very young age be sent into the workforce. Many parents would send their children to work because they needed another income in order to…show more content…
1918 was the year of children and awareness for children was greatly raised. Many people began to volunteer and fight for the health and well being of children. Today there are several programs and services that work to prevent and protect children that are maltreated. Social Works play a major role in the protection of children and serve as an aid for young children. Children who are maltreated will go through a varying process of being removed from a home with an abuser to being placed in foster care and hopefully, eventually being adopted as well. Child Protective Services plays a large role in the protection of children today. In 2012 the Children’s Bureau celebrated 100 years of fight for children and their rights (Children’s Bureau Centennial). Over the past 100 years the Children’s Rights Movement have taken tremendous steps and will continue to improve the well being of all children in the future.
One of the most important parts of dealing without childhood maltreatment is teaching children and young adults how to break the cycle of abuse. According to an article written by Maxwell Kendal the best way to break the cycle of abuse is through continued therapy (Maxwell 2016:251-258). The article states, “Unfortunately, numerous studies documented that experiencing physical abuse, and even witnessing physical abuse during childhood, is associated with maladaptive ways of
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