Children 's Rights Or Discipline?

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Children’s Rights or Discipline? It is a Monday morning and a bit chaotic in your house as your children and yourself rush to get ready to leave for work and school. On reaching the school, there are students gathered in groups outside the school and you wonder what is wrong. Upon inquiring from your children what is going on, they say students are protesting about the principal being too harsh on them. Shaking your head in disbelief, they say their goodbyes and leave. All the way to work, your minds keep wondering what is wrong with the children of today. sharing it with your colleague about the incident hoping they will concur with your idea of students need to focus on learning and not about somebody being harsh on them. However, your colleague reminds you about children’s rights and they deserve to be heard. Moreover, your colleague tells you that it is a new century and not the stone age days when kids did not know their right. Before long, a test message from your children schools tells you to go pick your son because he has been suspended for two weeks. Many parents have found themselves in this kind of situation. After much thoughts, it dawns on you, with so much indiscipline and unrest in schools, corporal punishment should be reinstated in schools. Corporal punishment has been a way of administering discipline from time immemorial. What we need to understand is that although discipline comes natural to some children, in others it has to be instilled to them.
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