Children 's Rights : Violation Of Child Rights

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How Children’s Rights Are Violated in Poor Villages in India:
Violation of Child Rights in the Movie “Slumdog Millionaire” Children are nation’s most vulnerable group in terms of protecting their rights. The United Nations Children’s Fund (2014b) declares that “millions of children” globally experience the worst kinds of violations on rights and “millions more…, are inadequately protected against them” (para. 1). Hence, the United Nations General Assembly have implemented The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in December 10, 1948, after the World War II (UN, 2014). Simultaneously, the same assembly has specifically recognized a resolution for protecting children’s rights– the Convention on the Rights of the Child which was employed on November 20, 1989 (UNICEF, 2014a). Both of these authorized treaties ensure security among all children-age not until eighteen years old. The UNICEF guarantees provision of primary rightful needs that each child must get and those are as follows: the right to life, survival and development, the right of prioritizing their interests, and the right of protection against any kind of discrimination. The Convention on the Rights of Child and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are useful concepts for understanding the state of children in the movie Slumdog Millionaire.

Slumdog Millionaire, directed by Danny Boyle, is a story of an eighteen year old call center tea server, Jamal. The movie is set in today’s time at Juhu slum in Mumbai,…
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