Children 's Theatre : An Activity I Have Positive, First Hand Experience

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Children’s theatre is an activity I have positive, first-hand experience in. I have participated in shows and productions in my community and school for as long as I can remember, and I loved every second of it. Since I have a history with the topic, I believed it would be a smart idea to volunteer my time with some sort of children’s theatre organization. I have always known how beneficial children’s theatre has been to me in my own life, however, I will show how everyone’s involvement in community children’s theatre bears a multitude of positive effects. I decided to volunteer with the Portsmouth Area Arts Council Children’s Theatre, or PACT for short. After this assignment is due, I will still be volunteering with them, helping backstage with their latest production, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Jr, which will be performed on the Vern Riffe Center’s main stage in November. However, for the few weeks I was with them recently, I was able to help at rehearsals for the show. I did everything from helping children with homework to making sure the kids in the cast were behaving and paying attention to what was happening. These responsibilities, along with observing the kids ' behaviors, allowed me to see how being a part of a production can positively impact children’s lives. Perhaps the greatest and most apparent benefit to children involved in children’s theatre is the friendships that they make. You do not even have to spend a full rehearsal time at the theater to

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