Children 's Views On Children And Young People

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There are many values and principles which underpin children and young people 's play and learning including children 's views this means hearing the children 's voice, thoughts, view and opinions. Listening to what the children have to say because it may have an effect on the environment which will make it more child like challenging. By having a stimulating environment it will enable the children to explore investigate take risks as well as playing and learning. Children and young people will achieve better if they are involved in the planning explaining what they would like. The Welsh Assembly Government believes that "play is so critically important to all children in the development of their physical, social, mental, emotional and…show more content…
However to back this argument up the likes of the professional theorist Jean Piaget expressed his view in that play is extremely important and vital and that it is children 's work. Moving on to something equally important which is access to a rich and stimulating environment, this will help the children 's learning by having an environment which is stimulating as they will have time to learn and play. For example this could mean for a child who lives in a rural area such as a block of flats this is going to have an impact on their play and learning as they are not having the same opportunity as other children who have a lot of outside area which enables them to run freely these children having this opportunity are also having an impact but a more positive impact as they are getting the opportunity to explore and investigate and enhance their fine and gross motor skills. By having a large area to play it enables the children to socialize and learn while playing. However it is also important that as a practitioner we think of children who have and need ALN - Additional Learning Needs. This leads me on to my next key point which is Equal entitlement, this links to UNCRC article 31 all children are entitled to experience play. Within the setting they should make sure that all children are able to
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