Children & schools Essay

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Fieldwork Paper            Observation:      For my observation program, I was placed in the Progressive School of Long Island, located in Merrick. I was assigned to work with Kindergartners under the supervision of teachers Jennifer Frank and Sangeeta Patel. It was explained to me that the students at this school learn at their own pace, and that is what separates them from public school children. They are usually ahead of children their age, however. For example, the Kindergartners I observed were learning from first grade math text books.      The classroom was uniquely set up. There are no desks in the room, besides the teachers…show more content…
     The children arrive at school around 8:40 in the morning. They assemble in the gym for morning announcements. The school holds grades kindergarten through seventh grade. There is only one class per grade. At 9:00, the children are moved into their classrooms. The kindergartners do their school work in the morning. Therefore, I was not able to sit in through the actual teaching parts of any class, since I did my observations in the afternoon. The rest of their afternoon is usually spent in free play. 12:00 is lunch time. There is no cafeteria inside the school, so the children bring their own food and eat inside their classrooms. There are vending machines in the building though, which the students have access to. there is a snack machine which contains potato chips, fritos, and other bagged chips, nutrigrain bars, and kudos bars. The drink machine contains Veryfine juices, yoo-hoo and water. For the kindergartners, at 12:30 is free play. The children can sit alone, play on the computer, read, color, have snack or basically do what they please. Around 1:00, weather permitting, the children play outside for a half an hour, to an hour. When they return inside, they have snack together. After snack time is usually more free play. Approximately three times a week, a lady named, Ava, comes to the classroom to teach the children Spanish. She taught them basic conversational words. To help them understand Spanish, she
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