Children's Behavior Essay

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Children's Behavior

What may affect childrens behaviour

Separation from the childs main carer can affect the childs behaviour a lot if they find it hard to separate from them. If a child cries it is obvious they find it hard to cope with this, trying to distract the child may help the child to forget about the problem and start to enjoy themselves. The childrens developmental stage includes how they see themselves and how they are with other children. If the child finds it hard to share with another child as they may be an only child and never had to come across sharing before hand, it will be hard for them to understand this. Some of factors for development are:

*Egocentricity: children
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This is all due to a change of routine. Children especially with autism find it very hard to cope with a change, so it is important to let the child know with or with out a disability children still find it hard to cope with changes. It is also going to affect the childs self-esteem if they’re very upset and not wanting to communicate with anyone new, they will become very emotional through out the day. From this they become bored and this is when you mainly recognise a change to the childs behaviour, they might start to misbehave to get attention from staff, they may hurt children or may even harm themselves. And also if the child faces the loss and grief of a family member the childs behaviour may change again, as they may see it as their fault, or may wish they had done more when the person was alive. So it is a very hard time for children when they have to cope with a change.

What is behaviour =================

The younger the child is, the less they understand about behaviour, so when they reach the age of about 4 it is important for their main role leader to start telling them about why we do the things we do. If a child misbehaves and the CW tells them to stop doing it, and if he/she catches them again they will have a timeout. So if the child does this again it is important for the CW
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