Childrens Behavior Is Worst Today Than Ten Years Ago

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Behavior is an action or reaction to the environment or to internal thoughts and emotions. Behavioral symptoms are persistent or repetitive behaviors that are unusual, disruptive, inappropriate, or cause problems. Aggression, attitude, criminal behavior, defiance, drug use, hostility, inappropriate sexual behavior, inattention, secrecy, and self-harm is examples of behavioral symptoms. When you are asked about someone’s behavior you think of etiquette, culture, form, manners, mores, proprieties; p's and q’s; amenity, civility, courtesy, politeness; attitude, carriage, poise, pose, posture, presence; aspect, look, mien; formality, protocol, rules; custom, habit, pattern, practise, trick, wont; convention, fashion, form, mode, style;…show more content…
Causes in behavior stem from bullying, discipline, and mental health problems and illness.
As a parent, of three children it can be hard to know if your child misbehaves at school. If you hear that your child is acting out, whether it's a comment written in his or her agenda or a report card or something mentioned to you in a parent-teacher conference, how do you know if it is a one-time problem or a constant behavioral issue? I recall in 1999 the month of April. The United States had its first crisis in a school setting. Many children are bringing guns, knives, and even bombs to school. Why? Do they hate their teachers that badly? Is someone bullying them? Why are these things happening in the schools? A school is a place where children can go to be educated. I feel that since God has been taken out of the equation, trouble has found its way into our schools across the country.
Child’s behavior is worse today than it was ten years ago. Adults influence children by stating their expectations for desired behavior and helping children understand that there are boundaries, or limits, on behavior. Authoritative caregivers understand the importance of proper boundaries in relationships in general, and appropriate limits in an adult-child relationship in particular. They figure out and clearly communicate limits that will be most helpful in encouraging children to behave

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