Children's Court Cases

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It can be extremely difficult at times to provided appropriate and effective legal mechanisms in the area of age of criminal responsibility – that being the important transition from childhood innocence into the maturity and true responsibility that arises in adulthood and its association with the Australian criminal law. In order to deal with the grey area of age of criminal responsibility there are multiple specialised institutions such as the Children’s Court and juvenile detention centres. There have also been significant manipulations to particular pieces of legislation of the criminal justice system in order to clearly differentiate the legal rules of children and adolescents from that of legitimate adults.

Throughout all Australian states and
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However, it is between the ages of 10 and 14 years old that doli incapax, otherwise known as rebuttable presumption, which reasons that a child between these ages is powerless of knowingly committing a criminal act. The only effective reasoning behind a child between the ages of 10 and 14 being convicted would…show more content…
Almost all charges can be heard, excluding culpable driving causing death and arson causing death, manslaughter, attempted murder and murder. If any of these charges arise, the Children’s Court has the ability to the hold a committal proceeding for the accused and in turn have their matter determined by the Supreme Court of the state or territory of which the offence occurred in. An example of the case arising in a Children’s Court includes that of the 17 year old boy, from Mount Gambier, who was charged in Adelaide Youth Court, with seven counts of property damage by arson and two counts of intending to cause a
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