Children's Lit Task 1

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Part A.
In the past five years, children’s literature has had many common themes. Bullying has been a popular subject of interest at all levels of reading. This trend reflects a rising concern about cyberbullying and the sometimes dramatic effects it can have on a child’s life. Writers and parents are making an effort to show children that what they do to their peers has real consequences and to be mindful with their words and actions. Another popular subject is dystopian futures. This interest is in part due to the success of The Hunger Games trilogy, children have become interested in the future of their planet.

Another interesting trend in children’s literature is mixing of genres, such as mixing cartoons and novels, which may be
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The Caldecott Medal identifies picture books that have compelling illustrations that give readers a rich and detailed visualization of the words they are reading or being read. The illustrations also add depth and additional meaning to the stories. Teachers who choose these books may rest assured that they are providing quality and inspiring educational experiences to their young students. The Newberry Medal is awarded to books that are outstanding contributions to children’s literature. It is awarded by a committee of experts who review many submissions and select the best of each year. These selections are well-written, compelling, and have well-thought-out plots and vibrantly developed characters. Students will gain great experiences reading Newberry Medal and Honors books. The Coretta Scott King Award recognizes books that further Martin Luther King Jr’s vision of unity and diversity. Teachers may use these books to be sure that they are teaching their students about diversity in engaging and exciting ways.
Aardema, V., & Dillon, L. (1975). Why mosquitoes buzz in people's ears: A West African tale. New York, NY: Dial Press.
This tale is a fable about the far-reaching consequences of one small action. When the mosquito tells a lie to the iguana, a chain reaction is set off that causes the night to last far too long. As punishment for
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