Children's Literature Becoming an Equalizer

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“While we are undeniably a multicultural society, we are not yet a truly pluralistic society where persons of every ethnic background and race share equal access to opportunities for empowering their lives and have the right to pursue their own good.” (Bundy, 1992) The upperclass were wise to the importance of reading; which, is the basis for leaving England settling in America. Children’s literature started with teaching to read for the expressed purpose of understanding the word of a higher power and living accordingly. The importance of literacy becomes more apparent as society falls in to war. Furthermore, many authors, philosophers and many other important figures in history impacted children’s literature, expanding on the original…show more content…
The moldable mind once filled with practical applications will understand the lessons taught by the novel. Daniel Defoe, author of the novel, wrote about singular man on an island fighting to survive until rescue; similar to the aging of children. With this in mind, children’s British and American literature explored the two sides of the adventure stories. Boys’ Stories, Adventure Stories, were influenced by Defoe’s story depicting a castaway’s survival. They were created for boys because they showcased heroism in the face of an issue. “The protagonists characteristically display more than ordinary abilities in single-mindedly pursuing a moral cause, and in the best stories they are changed and enriched by their adventures.” (“Adventure Stories,” 2001)Usually in the form of young male beginning a journey, which is more about the self discovery than the events. Both the British and American authors wrote these tales like Robert Luis Stevenson’s Treasure Island and The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain. British tales were exploratory, not exclusively set in England more often in jungles or uncharted places. America was still being discovered the stories were set on the North American continent because there were enough adventures at home. Moreover, the time between the two world wars was a time for escapism and fantasy. After the first world war, everyone was in a state of rebuilding and moving forward. Fantasy literature included animals acting as

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