Children's Literature Midterm Essay

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Childhood Lit Red answers are incorrect 1. Myths are traditional literature that answer questions about natural phenomena as acts of deities 2. The STW (see, think, wonder) strategy helps children develop visual literacy 3. Which subcategory of fairy tales most frequently uses animals as characters? Trickster tales 4. Which category of traditional literature is also considered poetry? Ballads 5. Which book was the FIRST significant fantasy novel ever published? Black Beauty 6. Tall tales originated in the U.S. 7. Type IV animal fantasy (told though animals’ viewpoint) will always have: real world setting 8. The Caldecott medal is awarded annually to: illustrator///United States 9. Which story is a classic example of an enchanted…show more content…
The best book to use for Readers Theater would have minimal characters 24. In the omniscient point of the view, the narrator is an all-knowing and all-seeing voice 25. High fantasy stories always involve a secondary world setting 26. Which of the following is NOT legal in public schools? Using the bible for religious instruction 27. Who of the following author/illustrators is noted for publishing Asian traditional literature? Ed Young 28. The goal of merchandise book is to sell merchandise such as movie tickets 29. The major distinguishing characteristic between traditional literature and modern fantasy is that modern fantasy never has a historical setting 30. Hans Christian Andersen is considered father of modern fantasy 31. The original purpose of fables was to teach lessons about behavior 32. Which is the best activity to outline a story’s plot? Story map 33. J.R.R Tolkein authored the Lord of the Rings trilogy 34. The nursery rhyme “Goosey, Goosey, gander” was used in the textbook as an example of violence in traditional literature 35. Literary works in the public domain are not found on the internet protected by copyright 36. The relative size of objects in art is achieved through visual scale 37. The common characteristic of all four types of animal fantasy is animals’ posses’ human-type language and thoughts 38. Board books are especially designed for children’s first books 39. Which literary element could be described as serious, humorous,
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