Children’s Literature in India Essay

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Their world is huge, luckily sans boundaries, bright, intriguing and spontaneous, allowing absurdities of all kinds to exist. Their horizons are fleeting, giving space to dragons, fairies, elves, wizards, goblins and unicorns, to rabbits that talk and broomsticks that fly. Their sense of adventurism make them scale mountains, drink potions that do wonders and imagine frogs that turn into princes. Their world is the world of pure innocent fun. And their literature is as a colour-riot as their world. Perceived as adults in the making, their books deal also with the issues of environment conservation, child labour, differently-abled and relationships – to name a few. Children’s literature in India is a subaltern field, only now beginning to…show more content…
Dutta’s work has been translated into Japanese among other languages. Deepak Dalal continue to enthral the young with titles like Ranthambore Adventure and others in the series set in Ladakh and the Andamans. Shashi Deshpande’s detective book 3 Novels: A Summer Adventure, The Hidden Treasure and The Only Witness, Rohini Chowdhury’s jungle adventure White Tiger, and Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s historical adventure Victory Song are among the other titles that have occupied a space in the bookshelves. The past few years, however, have seen the germination of writers who have started to write enthusiastically for the young readers, raising hope that the genre will soon acquire a promising shape. The success of children’s literature festivals has given the much needed boost, diverting the little minds and eyes from the gizmos to the world of words. With the publishers revamping their establishments to form a separate team dedicated to producing substantial reading material with rich illustrations for this unique field, the children today are having a huge variety of books to choose from. Keeping in tune with the variety that marks the genre, the writers of these books are almost as professionally diverse – surgeons, journalists, biologists, conservationists and engineers. Today from fantasy to didactic, sensitive to humourous, pure non-sensical fun to myths, folklores and fables – children’s literature has it all. While there is
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