Children's Mental Health Essay

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A study on the child’s mental health involves the mental functioning and the way a child behaves and responds to some instances of life. The study is done by exploring the physiological process and the neurology of a child. The key areas of study include; concentration, mind functioning, emotions, acuity, character and cognition. There are two processes in a child’s development that needs the attention of the parents; physical and the mental development. This is the time that the parent can be able to determine a child’s with mental or physical challenge. The psychology of the child depends on the development of the mind as well as genetic psychology. Genetic psychology is the study of how factors that affect the genetics can
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Some complications such as impaired vision may improve during the growth period of the child (Damon & Lerner, 2009).
Some of the senses that are vital during the growth of the child are: hearing, vision, smelling and tasting, ability to speak and feeling pain; they are the basic improvements in the child’s mental growth, they help the child in the perception of the general occurrences in the world around the child. After the child have developed the basic senses to the major aspects of life that is when they will be able to develop permanent images of objects even if they are not there at the moment. The sensorimotor nerves of a child develops as the child make primitive movements, these improves the reflex response of a child (Piaget, & Inhelder, 2010). The intelligence of a child is demonstrated by the use of signs, improvement of language, memory and the imagination when articulating in the non-logical and non-reversible way. The child’s sphere of socialization improves when the child is engaged with other people around them; if this does not happen and the child is reserved to itself there is a possibility the child will lack ability to make his/her own decisions in life after (Dodge, 2004).
Development of a child have been a thing that most of the parents have been neglecting without noticing that it is very important in the development of a child’s character and social
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