Childrens Mental Health

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Supporting Children’s Mental Health Patricia S. Dailey ECE214: Nutrition and Health of Children and Families Tina Grasby-Assa Aug 6, 2010 Children’s mental health is a very important part of learning because children need to be able to control their emotions and behaviors in order to function in developmentally appropriate ways. Mental health refers to children’s abilities to understand and manage their emotions and behaviors, to function positively with others in age appropriate and developmentally appropriate ways, and to form meaningful relationships (Amador, Daeschel, and Sorte, Pg. 416). Children are emotional rollercoasters and each one learn from adults on how to handle certain things as they grow up from the time they are…show more content…
This would be why we would need to bring the family in to establish where the problem may be coming from, and if we can catch it early then it will give the child a better opportunity to learn. Biological factors can also play a big role in how a child can develop good mental health. Biological factors that may influence a child’s mental health would be genetics, temperament, physical and health attributes. Genetics, a child’s size or their pace of development may influence the child’s ability to establish good mental health because they may have inherited something to prevent them from doing so. For example my niece she is seven years old and going into the second grade, and is unable to read. Her mother has a disability which prevented her from learning as quick as others just like her daughter. The only thing is my sister doesn’t give my niece good feedback when she has done something that is good for her mental state when it comes to learning. What I mean is if a child has good positive behaviors given to them when they have done something good then this gives them the push to want to keep getting that positive feedback the more they get the better a child can do. The only reason I think my sister doesn’t do this is because she doesn’t have the positive mental health to pass this on to her daughter and this
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