Children's Outdoor Play

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en Introduction Every child is unique in their own way and I strongly believe that the environment plays a big role in raising the child. Studies show that PLAY plays the important role in children’s learning and development. Friedrich Froebel (1782-1852) believed that play was a highly significant activity and initiated an approach to learning in early childhood that offers children a wide range of experiences so that they could develop an understanding of their world and themselves. He also mentioned that will encourage children to discover things through the interaction with their environment. A good physical and social skill is important to become a successful person in life. A child with good cognitive and social skills will…show more content…
.About the activity My activity was colour mixing activity which was follow up activity. My reason to choose to do follow up activity is to reinforce and refresh children’s learning. Previous activity was done by the class teacher in indoor setting which children have requested to do outdoor. The colours that I have used are:- 1. Purple (Red + Blue) 2. Green (Yellow + Blue) 3. Brown (Red + Green) 4. Orange (Yellow + Red) I am taking this opportunity to thanks the Principal and the class teacher who help me in this activity of preschool that I did the activity Tadika Bestari which located in Bandar Country Homes, Rawang. There were eleven of six years old children which consist of nine boys and two girls. PEDAGOGICAL APPROACHES In this opportunity, I would like to thank University of Hertfordshire for providing poster of pedagogical approaches which was very helpful in developing my activity it was a great guidance for me to plan and conduct the activity. Step 1: Observing learning Observing learning is an example of child’s learning. It helped me to identify children’s interest and strengths. As what Margaret Donaldson said seek out what children are able to do rather than emphasizing what they cannot do and she
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