Children's Rights

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Children's Rights Children's Right Introduction A child is a young person between the age brackets from birth to 19. Children have rights that govern them to protect them from any abuse whatsoever. They have the right to decent parental care, good health, education, and protection from drug abuse, protection from sexual harassment, right to quality medical care and services, right to good shelter and clothing. Children also have the right to participate in rightful decision making and safeguarding their social justices (Jones and Walker, 2011, p 256). Right to drug protection Children have the right to be protected from abuse. Parents are the ones who rear their children and protect them from any abuse, and should not neglect their rights. The major challenges facing child protection in the current century include HIV/AIDS pandemic, poverty that can be financial or psychological and wars, especially in Africa continent. Therefore, children who have no families or undergo difficult family situations such as extreme poverty levels or family problems are given special care by society intervention, which its basis should be strong and done with high professional standards. Community will hence be responsible for such children and will take full responsibility for the children (Ritcher et al, 2004, p 174). Families that tend to neglect their duties and responsibilities to their children or face the likelihood of abusing their children should undergo special programs.
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