Essay on Children's Social Development

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PSYC – 1000 Introduction to Psychology Melissa Pascoe U10a2 The topic that I have chosen to research for my course project is children’s social development. I have had a love for children ever since helping take care of my younger brother when he was a baby. I have two children of my own and my four-month-old nephew living with me. Eventually, I would like to be a youth counselor or probation officer so researching social development would be very interesting to me. Social development is a very important part of healthy growth and development in children. They need to learn how to interact with others in an acceptable way so that they are able to eventually form relationships and comfortably fit into any social situations they…show more content…
Children understand more when they pretend play by joining in with others in imaginary situations that provide social opportunities and consequences. Social Competence with Peers in Third Grade: Associations with Earlier Peer Experiences in Childcare This is a peer-reviewed journal article from the PsycINFO database. The research methods for this article are empirical, longitudinal, and quantitative study. Longitudinal study is a correlation research study that involves repeated observations of the same items over long periods and psychologists use it to study developmental trends. When children are in daycare, they establish formative relationships with peers and adults. There has been research that has consistently shown that toddlers and preschoolers who have had experience with other children in daycare and have been more engaged in activities are more cooperative and positive during the preschool years. Social Information Processing and Children's Social Adjustment This source was found using PsycBOOKS and is from a chapter in a book. The research method used for the source information is literature review. All children are different from one another. One of the differences is the ability to maintain relationships with peers. Some of the children are always cooperative, liked, and establish lasting friendships. Others are aggressive towards other children and have few friends. Some
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