Children’s Speech, Language, and Communication

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Support children’s speech, language and communication

Explanation of speech, language, communication and speech, language and communication needs 1.1 Children and adults use speech, language and communication to interact with others, to help them explore the environment, to make sense of everyday experiences, access information and understand concepts, as well as organise thoughts and formulate ideas and to help them express their own feelings and to understand the feelings of others (Children and Young People’s Workforce Cache level 3). Speech is the faculty or act of expressing or describing thoughts, feelings, or perceptions by the articulation of words. It is a part of verbal or oral communication
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This will cause difficulties with relationships and will have a damaging influence on their social development. If children are full of anger, anxiety, frustration or fear, they need to express this. Talking about feelings is just as important as talking about ideas. Children who cannot explain or put into words show signs on how they feel often by throwing temper tantrums or show other kinds of challenging behaviour. Language and communication support behaviour by enabling young children to demonstrate these aspects of acceptable and positive behaviour. These are being fairly independent, being realistically self-controlled, having some understanding of the needs and rights of others, participating in group activities, making friends with other children, and meeting the challenge of new experiences without too much anxiety. These are to help social development. Also effective communication is not just about conversations with young children. It also involves children being able to understand and use the language of learning. This is to understand concepts, participate in problem-solving and develop ideas and opinions. This is to help intellectual development (Children and Young People’s Workforce Cache level 3).

Potential impact of speech, language and communication difficulties on the overall development of a child, both currently and in the longer term 1.3 Speech, language and communication difficulties can have a profound and lasting effect on
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