Children's Unsatisfactory Test Scores

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Test scores should reflect on how highly skilled a child’s teachers are in school, because tests measure how much children have learned. Teachers teach children lessons or knowledge, and if they are skilled, children can remember it, which means children should perform decently or at least average. However, provided if the teachers are unskilled, and children don’t retain anything, children logically should get an unsatisfactory test score, which implies that the teachers aren’t good enough for the job.
In order to teach children, a teacher has to minor or major in an education degree. However, sometimes even with a degree, teachers aren't the best. They may still be skilled, but they could practice certain teaching methods that don’t help children retain his or her teachings, and therefore wouldn’t be able to recall the knowledge on tests, which would reflect poorly on the teacher.
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Of course it also can depend on the children, but usually if they can retain information, then they should excel on tests.
Critics of this argument may argue that it’s all the children's’ fault, but that only happens in rare cases, and is one or two individuals out of an entire class. Overall, the teacher’s class should have a mediocre to excellent average, if there’s only one child who refuses to
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