Chile : The Country Of Chile

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Chile stretches along 2,672 miles with an average width of 112 miles. More than one out of every three Chileans live in Santiago metropolitan region which is the capital of Chile. Two Chilean poets have won the Nobel Prize in literature. Chile’s population sits around 17,363,894 ranking Chile 63, they have a human development index of 41 of 187 countries. GDP per capita is $19,100 with an adult literacy at 99% for both males and females. The general attitudes are friendly and warm, but they might be shy and reserved when first meeting someone, they are also known for their sharp, witty and somewhat cynical sense of humor. Chileans are extremely patriotic and take pride in their nation’s cultural, educational, and economic achievements. Chile has a large middle class, and their educational system enables many poorer people to excel. When it comes to Chilean appearance they closely follow European styles, North American fashions are also popular especially among the youth. Greetings in Chile are important because they stress that one is welcome and recognized. The most common greeting among friends and relatives is the abrazo, consisting of a handshake and a hug. Chileans eat their main meal in the middle of the day and a lighter meal between 8 and 10pm, they typically have a tea time around 5 or 6pm where beverages, small sandwiches, and cookies or cake are served. In restaurants a server can be summoned with a raised finger; meal checks are not brought to the table until…

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