Chile 's Economic Freedom

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From the point of view of economy freedom, Chile’s score is 78.7 (2014 Index of Economic Freedom Chile, 2014). This makes Chile’s economy the 7th free economy in the index of 2014. The total ranking is a bit lower than previous year. There is a change, to be more precise it’s a positive change in the investing figures of Chile. Chile is considered at a very high position with regards to its economic freedom in Southern and the Central parts of America. Chile’s economy has been constantly considered as one of the most freely run economies in its 20 year old history of index. It has also been successful in achieving economic freedom, which is highly impressive at 70. There are 10 economic freedom concepts, out of which three have been successful in gaining a score of 20 points or above since 1995. Those three economic freedom concepts are corruption freedom, freedom for investing and financial ease of freedom. Looking at Chile’s high levels of efficient operations, monetary freedom and business freedom has improved efficiently as well. Chile is considered worldwide leader in economic freedom. It continues to go by the concept of limited government through public financial management. Through this concept Chile has been successful in keeping its finance debts and deficits under control. Chile has actively participated in Trans-Pacific partnership negotiations and this further shows that it has been steadily committed to its trade and business relations.
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