Chilean Beliefs

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The article read for this brief summary involves a program of Teaching English in a university in the south of Chile. The question that present the authors is what are the beliefs that Chilean students have when they are finishing their program? The authors present an extended definition of what are beliefs mentioning its importance in the medium, also is presented the context and the form that the research had and the numbers of participants that were involved in the research.

Firstly, it is necessary to define the meaning the belief in this educational context have. The article presents that, the beliefs are the systems and structures that teachers have internalized which acts as filters of theoric knowledge acquired, redefined and finally
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The first is English is a communication tool that allowed people in general to communicate with other cultures is also linked to the job prospects. Second is the construction of the knowledge, this consist in creating significant meaning to the language this process can be real through the exposition to language and generate a significant context for the students. Finally, formation of habits, this subcategory is related with the memorization of the several information mainly focused to grammar and vocabulary this memorization can be achieved practicing of the language by the realization of mechanic task.

To conclude, in relation with the findings made and my own experience on my practicum in a public school, I can realize that my beliefs were similar to the students who participate in the research. Nevertheless, the only difference is that I do not agree with the memorization of the rules instead, with the internalization by connections with their mother tongue. Also, I believe that in our practicum, we tend to copy the strategies that our mentor teachers use, which are the mechanic activities, paper sheets or drills, and so forth, letting our belief that English is acquired through
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