Chilean Journalism Practices And How They Have Evolved And Respond Within The Culture

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Claudia Mellado and Claudia Lagos, journalism professors at Chilean universities conducted a study on Chilean journalism practices and how they have evolved and responded to changes within the culture. Different platforms took different directions depending on whether they were national and supported by the government or private and supported independently. (Mellado 140) As the Chilean government allowed more “freedom of speech” with the country, more media platforms came about. (Mellado 140) “During this time, the more professional press was born, looking more like what we understand as a newspaper” in addition to news, all forms of media took off in the early 20th century. (Mellado 140) As the Chilean government began to allow more…show more content…
(Zagidullina 491) However, when the values of the nation change, and become more regulated, so does the press. As seen in both the study on Russia and Chile the press is greatly impacted by the culture of the country and the reign of the government. The past studies have determined that culture change has a great impact on journalism all over the world. Along with culture impacts is culture change, and how that influences the journalistic environment of a particular area. Culture change, as defined by Pearson’s Third Edition on Cultural Anthropology, changes in people’s ways of life over time by both internal and external forces. (Bonvillian 490) One of the most significant changes to the Western World in the current era is the invention and expansion of social media. Social media allows people to have instant communication with anyone from anywhere in the world, sharing ideas, pictures, video and even news. Modern events can be heard about from those who witnessed them and posted on social media before a news source is even on site. A team of researchers conducted a study on Popular Culture and Communication Practice that traced the evolution and changes in journalism based on culture, communication and media changes. “Most research on popular culture address fiction, television, and forms of expression that aim at entertaining an audience” (Buhmann 8) However, this study goes in depth on the impacts of popular culture
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